Sunday, April 1, 2018

Meeting at The Cobalt Manor

 Witherden Maxilla paced nervously at the door as her master, The Cobalt Liege, spoke to their new guest. Sodie the younger, the self proclaimed scientist, had a new invention he was trying to sell. Witherden had only met the man once, many years ago, promising to deliver exactly what he promised now. She had never expected him to return. She had never wanted him to return.
 The Cobalt Manor stood on the hill overlooking the city of Zaffre, and beyond that the ocean in all it's glory. The Liege's battleship patrolled proudly in the distance. Smaller merchant vessels made their way to the distant ports of Humblemouth and Merchant's Bounty. Tiny fishing ships would brave the rough waters to supply Zaffre's famous markets. But Witherden knew somewhere in the docks was Sodie's vessel as well. It's crew arrogantly boasting their so called victory.
 From this height there was no way to see individual people but still Witherden scanned the paved streets. What did the people of her town think of the scientists? At the docks the fishermen would have heard the news first. The bureaucrats and tradesmen in the city would know by now too. Did they believe in the promised new age of progress. Did the wizards and mystics in their strange shops and impossible towers believe that their ancient magic could be harnessed so easily? And what of the overworked and underpaid miners and labourers in the city. Did they believe this was their way out of the hardship they endured each day. It seemed to good to be true, and if Sodie was involved it must be.
 The door was shut and no sound could be heard through it. That was the magic of the Cobalt Manor. That was why diplomats and leaders from the lands surrounding chose this place to meet. You could always be secret. Yet Witherden still strained her ears to hear, just a whisper would be enough, of what The Cobalt Liege and the Scientist were discussing. But to no avail.

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