Sunday, September 13, 2015

The Scrappers

So I was writing last night, and I decided a needed a new idea. And I've been watching lots of star trek recently so thought I'd try a Sci Fi idea. The only Sci Fi I've ever written was Jack Steel, which is based on Unreal Tournament.

So I came up with an idea which I called "Scrappers". It's a working title (said in Archer's voice). It's set in our universe in the future, probably about 2400ish. Humans have developed interstellar travel and have colonies on planets throughout the Milky Way. Then there is a war which destroys most of Earth leaving these colonies isolated.

Now the cool bit (I think it's a cool bit) is that when the old civilisation was up and running they had these awesome high tech pieces of technology on the planets. Enormous machines that provided these like food replication, environment controls, public transport etc to run cities on hostile worlds. Another technology that was really common was cybernetics.

As the machines were so huge and complicated they needed Cybernetically enhanced mechanics to build, repair and service them. They also were connected together in a way that would maximise the city's efficiency and controlled from orbitting space stations. So when the war came through the orbitting stations were destroyed and everything stopped work. Leaving these previously working class mechanics as the supermen who could repair the old technology. The mechanics came to be called scrappers, because they would take the scrap from some machines and use it to rebuild other machines, and due to their cybernetic implants they knew how everything worked and what they needed to do.

So some scrappers tried to help everyone out, build things the recovering cities needed. Others went into business for themselves, only fixing things for a price and generally looking after their own skin. Others tried to gain positions of power, ruling like post-apocalyptic kings. Most scrappers either keep themselves super well protected with bodyguards and mechs etc, or hide their identity completely as there are cults out there trying to kill all the scrappers and destroy their technology as they believe technology is evil and has led to the downfall of man.

I don't have a main story yet, I'm sure it'd be about one scrapper, trying to be a good guy in a harsh unforgiving world. Let me know what you think.

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