Monday, December 19, 2011


I’ll apologise off the bat for this. I never meant for this to be a short story. It should have been a TV show I think. Not some primetime sitcom or anything, probably one of those obscure ones on SBS after Inspector Rex and Queer as folk. You know when you’re not sure whether you’re watching a porno or a work of art. Like any of those shows, this is neither. It’s a faker, just like me.

I met this girl at a party, Melinda. She was all exotic looking. I think I heard she’s Croatian, so hot. Her friend was talking to my friend and my friend was being all obnoxious and her friend was being a real bitch, se we started talking, mainly to apologise for the two losers we came with.

I was wearing a suit jacket over my David Bowie Tee shirt trying to fit in with all the indie kids. She was genuine though, not a faker like I was. She had an Ani Di Franco tattoo and fisherman pants and listened to The Smiths and Joy Division and all those other bands that I know like one song of. But I like The Strokes and old Greenday and so did she so we still got on well.

We mainly talked about music, or she talked and I listened, I was kind of out of my depth in the conversation. Then more people joined the group and I didn’t really get to talk to her again.

My night ended really shit because my mate Ray got real sick and I had to take him home, drunk bastard. The party wasn’t even really that good, and Melinda had lost interest in me but I still wanted to stay.

I went to facebook the next day and found her in the event guests. She accepted my add but I still wish I’d held off because I saw her two days later at uni and I couldn’t be all cool about not expecting to see her. She must think I’m a stalker by now. But at least she was friendly, even though I couldn’t tell if she was flirting with me or putting up with me. I even asked if she wanted to get a coffee later but she said she was busy. It’s Week 9 of semester, she probably was busy, or was she just blowing me off.

Where to go from here, the optimist in me says she likes me but I need to make a move, the pessimist obviously thinks otherwise. Dan’s having another party in a couple of weeks, I’ll probably hold off till then, I’m such a coward.


I met him at Dan’s party, he was a friend of that arsehole that Jenny was fucking, I only talked to him to escape their bullshit.

He was actually one of the boys there, not just some extended friend like me. He was into Bowie and The Smiths and stuff. I was just glad I was showing off my tat so I had at least some credibility. The party was full of wankers, those wannabee hippies that think they’re too cool to smoke actual cigarettes so they have to roll their own. Ben didn’t even smoke, it was refreshing.

He didn’t talk much, I guess I was keeping him from enjoying the party, my friend third wheels me and he is stuck looking after me. I was glad he added me on facebook though. I even saw him at uni a few days later. He asked me for a coffee but I had to go to class for a group presentation.

Dan’s having another party soon. Jenny doesn’t want to go. Ben will be there but I can’t just go with him. He probably doesn’t even like me that much anyway. He could get way cooler girls than me.


Dan’s party is two days away and Melinda is still on the awaiting reply list. I sent her a message asking her to come with me and then regretted it straight away. I should have just let it go, if she’s there and something happens then that’s all good but now I’ve been too eager I’ve ruined it.

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